More from Dorset, and bits and pieces.

As some of you may know, I collided with a deer an hour before dawn while en route to Durdle Door a couple of weeks ago. To be more accurate, the deer collided with me, as it hurtled out of the darkness from the left, giving me no chance to brake or swerve. The deer, sadly, was killed outright, and the car’s front (being French and made of plastic) cracked open from the impact. I did eventually continue on to Durdle Door, but my heart wasn’t really in it, which I think is reflected in the barely-passable photos I took that morning.

Anyway, the car is still being repaired at the garage and won’t be ready until next week, so I am temporarily becalmed. This wouldn’t normally be a problem as I am very happy photographing my own patch of London, but as luck would have it my camera is also being repaired. Long story, but I found our that the external serial number plate on my refurbished Canon 5D did not match the internal serial number hard-coded into the camera’s software. Canon have been great though, and arranged for a UPS pickup for the camera so that they could lavish some TLC on it.

So, no car, no camera. Not ideal.

Never mind, there is Lightroom 4 to continue to get to grips with, half a dozen ideas for articles for the blog and some video to edit and post.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with a few more images of my short trip back to Dorset: a couple taken in the late afternoon and sunset at Durdle Door, and one of Corfe Castle at sunset.







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