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Shooting a summer sunset timelapse of Putney Bridge and the river Thames

I have been experimenting with timelapse photography for a while now, with varying degrees of success. However, the one thing that I have never tried has been recording a transition from day to night. The significant technical challenges in successfully recording scenes from bright daylight to starlight has resulted in this shot being termed (perhaps […]

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Creating a timestamp in timelapse movies from Lightroom

This mini-tutorial is really just about how to add a custom text field to an image in the Slideshow feature of Lightroom, so that an exported video contains a ‘digital clock’ showing the elapsed time. What I often like to do for some of my timelapse movies is to add a timestamp to each image, […]

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Being There

Often when I am taking landscape photographs I wish that I could capture a little of what I can see and hear around me and share it with others (apart from the medium of the photograph itself, of course). This type of photography involves long periods of standing and waiting, with nothing to do except […]

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