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Filming the 2013 Boat Race timelapse

I had a great opportunity to film the start of the University Boat Race in Putney a couple of weeks ago. The resulting timelapse video can be seen on Youtube, or embedded above, but I just wanted to fill you in on how the video was put together. Before reading on, if you want to […]

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Using Lightroom Smart Collections to find blank metadata values

Yes, I know, I know. “Null metadata values” isn’t the most thrilling of blog post subjects, but if you are reading this then you will probably already know just how powerful, and useful, Lightroom’s Smart Collections are for sorting your images. However, Smart Collections are not without their limitations. One peculiarity is that it is […]

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The Great DNG Conversion Race!

Right, I have just started converting a little over nine thousand Canon Raw files to DNG. I have used DNG for personal projects and family photos for while, but had resisted converting my landscape and travel photos to DNG. Until now. I’m using Adobe Lightroom’s built-in DNG converter, and opting to discard the original raw […]

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Creating a timestamp in timelapse movies from Lightroom

This mini-tutorial is really just about how to add a custom text field to an image in the Slideshow feature of Lightroom, so that an exported video contains a ‘digital clock’ showing the elapsed time. What I often like to do for some of my timelapse movies is to add a timestamp to each image, […]

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